The Sangam Sarees has got its state of the art facility established in the year 1999 of its own with residential area for its devoted employee. The factory is equipped with 16 high quality Chinese embroidery machines. The factory is spread in more than 4000 sq. meter with special greenery areas and space for extracurricular activity. It has got ample space for further expansion plans.

Weaving -

Under this section we appreciate hand work of the weavers and take initiative for proper justice to their art. We have 8 shuttle-less imported looms which can weave all kinds of fabrics silk or silk blends, polyester or polyester blends. This section of weaving produces fabrics capable enough to complete large orders.
These looms provide sufficient capacity for any weaving work and one of the best features of the looms is work efficiency. Some of their qualities are high precision, perfect pattern at high speed, appropriate capacity, standard weaving, etc. These looms are versatile and reliable to weave different patterns.
Also, proper attention of the production quality is taken care off by our quality control personnel who remain on duty round the clock.