Silk Yarn

We import silk yarn from the top class manufacturers of best quality silk yarn from countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, etc and then supply it throughout India for the silk maniac people of our country. We also deal in all kind of Indian made silk yarn. We have specialization in the segment of imported silk yarn which is of high genre and strength. Our imported yarns are made up of superior quality base material and it is highly demanded in various patterns. Our silk yarn are used by commercial enterprises in producing genuine quality of weaved fabrics.
Some of the special features of the silk yarns we provide are of high temperature-resistant, moisture absorbent and anti-static. These yarns are well defined combination of short fibers and continuous filament yarn.
These yarns are used to make textiles using a variety of processes, including weaving, knitting, and felting. We believe in offering consistent quality and highly distinguished range of products that are made to perfection. All the specifications and orders are met with enhanced quality and within the committed time frame. It is used for many types of clothing accessories and decorative touches.