Sarees, being the traditional dress of Indians, has been the main stream of creations by Sangam Sarees.
Sangam Sarees has been enforced in the field of innovating and developing new designs and patterns for creative sarees. At our factory, we develop the most amazing colour combination and design to present the best our customers. At our facility, we have specially trained craftsmen to make the most awesome sarees which suits the international taste and design. We regularly update our products according to the upcoming trends. We have carved out our own niche that every designer would aspire to accomplish. our creations take Indian fashion forward on the international arena in a big way. We, function to reviving, promoting and contemporizing the traditional Indian crafts, arts and textiles remain the driving force and cornerstone for her creations, where season after season contemporary silhouettes and designs, are manifested in authentic hand -woven textiles and crafted by highly skilled artisans. We manufacture with modesty and style.
We mostly design and develop :
  • Computerised Embroidery Sarees -
  • At our manufacturing, we take in use best fabrics to design the Sarees with superfine designs that are made with passion. We use most of the trending designs and patterns to make our computerised embroidery sarees stand out of crowd. We use the top quality fabrics such as pure chiffon, georgette, crepe, etc for making our sarees. Also, we keep the option of customisation according to our customer’s need and requirement.
  • Digital Print Sarees –
  • Keeping track of the advanced technology we manufacture the sarees of digital print which are one of its kind. It is because we design, develop and print exclusive sarees. Our designs are made to match the international standards and class. We keep in focus the upcoming trends in international market and accordingly we develop our designs with the latest colour combinations and styles. The quality of our printing is always up-side pointing in comparison to others. We have master designer team to let you print what you actually see on screen.
  • Silk Sarees –
  • This is one of our innovative techniques to let the luxury liking customers feel elite. Our silk sarees are much different rather they are rarely available in our industry. As we use very light quality pure silk fabrics to create a saree of silk. These sarees gives you a charming comfort and the most modern look to present yourself. Our silk sarees are combination of traditional rituals with hi-tech technology. We use digital print and embroidery both on same saree.