The Sangam Sarees has got its state of the art facility established in the year 1999 of its own with residential area for its devoted employee. The factory is equipped with 16 high quality Chinese embroidery machines. The factory is spread in more than 4000 sq. meter with special greenery areas and space for extracurricular activity. It has got ample space for further expansion plans.

Embroidery -

In this section we have got the world class machinery to present dot to dot clarity details as required by our customer. Our machines are well maintained and prompt action is taken in case of any flaws to get the functioning unhindered. We have got the exceptional quality of our precision designs which ensures they will sew right on the first time for a best result.
We have section of hand embroidery where our workers take interest in creating new designs and making every piece hand perfect. Maximum labour is implied by our crafts man to get every piece up to export standards.
Thus, we have both the facility of high class embroidery by our sophisticated machine and by our honed hand embroidery craftsmen.