About Us

With the principles of manufacturing quality products and innovation in designing its fabrics Sangam Sarees was established in the year 1992 and since then it tries to put 100% effort in meeting the customer delight. The organization has the ideology of manufacturing products with self-created designs and a special emphasis is laid on this. It believes in making a long term relationship with its stakeholders and focus on making strong bond with them. The organization is well known for its reputation for having quality and innovation in designing its products. Over the years Sangam Sarees has established its distinct reputation in the market of products it deals in. We insist on importing and applying advanced technology trending in countries abroad. At our organization we mean the statement “time is money” and accordingly we complete our orders on time. Also, we keep special check to get the products delivered at the doorstep of our clients on the given time. We are said to be one of the most versatile organization of our country as we have mastered in manufacturing, designing, exporting and importing several products in the fabrics and yarn world.

The founder, Shri Jagdamba Tulsyan is the visionary behind the firm Sangam Sarees which was established in the year 1992. He has got a vast experience and future sightedness in the fabrics field. He had the desire to take the fabrics of Varanasi to all over India and world for those who value quality. He is known for his risk taking attitude which he further converts into winning situation. The founder father has got ability to take vital decisions with a cool headed very short span of time. He is also enthusiastic when it comes to making investments in various segments but his focus has always been on development and promotion of fabrics.

With advancement of technical scenario the responsibility of general management of the firm was shared by Shri Manish Tulsyan who has always moved on the founder father’s footprints. He is well appreciated by our stakeholders for his fast analytical and never forgetting memory. He takes care of the various management principles being applied in the company appropriately. He well manages the responsibility of administration and makes business function in an organized form. He keeps a check on overall growth and development of the firm.

Furthermore the growth of the firm with increasing workforce complexities lead to the requirement of factory management skills for which Shri Mohit Tulsyan took charge with his excellent human resource management skills to ensure proper functioning of the company’s human assets. He ensures that the business keeps competent employees, helps employees improve, or eliminates those who do not meet the organization's standard. He judges the skills for potential candidates for hiring and utmost care of working environment is taken off.